We are Marian, Luis, Andrea and Lluis, the “DE ANDREA’S LUMA” family, from there is born our breeders’ affix of British Shorthair. We live in Puerto de Sagunto (Valencia).

The idea of mounting this small breeding-place, owes to our love for the animals. We have lived always in the field and since we where small we do not have any memories without having dogs or cats around. When our 11 year old boxer Tila died, whom we continue missing very much, we decided to risk to adopt two kitties of the race British, for two reasons. The first one is that we adore the cats and the second one and more relevant, is that they are favorite of my daughter. Fanatic of the pantomine and taken to the great screen by Disney, Alice in Wonderland, in which it appears and disapears the famous Cheshire Cat, Andrea always laughs when he sees it. Searching the net we discovered that the cat in Alice in wonderland was a British Shorthair and thats why now they are part of our family.

Our goal is that people discover the especial energy of this sensible beings and that it help at least in a small portion t full fill the happiness of each person. We belong since 2009 to ASFE the Feline Spanish Association and our affix is registered by the number 2099 in the International Feline Federation (FIFe).

Our cats are tested for viral diseases (Leukaemia – FeLV-, Immunodeficiency – FIV – and Coronavirus – PIF-) as genetic (PKD & HCM).We have all the analytics published on the web, you can consult them in the “File” of each cat, in the section “Analytics”. Beside being vaccinated regularly.

They descend from Champions from Europe, International and World Champions, you can check this out in there pedigrees.

   We hope you like it very much !!!