Our kittens come with a minimum of 12 weeks of age, properly vaccinated(Rhinotracheitis, Panleukopenia, Calicivirus & Rabies), wormed internally and externally, with a passport and a microchip embedded in the name of its new owner. In addition, we will deliver latest veterinary health certificate. The kitten will be shipped with an approved carrier, provided that the new owner wishes.

All our kittens are registered in the Book of Origins ASFE-FIFe (Spanish Feline Association). We do not sell kittens without pedigree.

We only release kittens as a “Breeding” people to “affix” breeder.

In the event that the kitten is to “Company”, the new owner must send a certificate of neutering before the age of 10 months of age and will automatically send the appropriate pedigree.

Each person wishing to purchase a kitten “DE ANDREA’S LUMA” must first sign a private contract where they establish their rights and obligations regarding your new pet.